Monday, 2 February 2015

Rope, Two Trugs And Five Tonnes Of Soil

The project to rejuvenate the large planters on the Sainsbury Building balconies continued today. The challenge to fill three neglected planters with soil without going through the building via corridors, kitchens and bedrooms to reach them. The answer, ropes and trugs pulling the soil up from the outside. 

Also adding to the challenge, the various changes in levels from where the soil was located. The soil was transported by wheelbarrows up planks that covered the stairs, shovelled in to the trugs and pulled up to the planters.

Working together the gardeners and groundsman completed this challenge by the end of the day, five tonnes of soil in three planters, ready for the next step to reattach the old watering system and covering the soil with a weed suppressing membrane. 

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