Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Reclaimed Trellis

On the look out for materials around the college that may be used for future projects in the college gardens, the team have had their eyes on the trellis that adorned the top of two bike sheds that were earmarked for demolition when the construction of the new building began. See blog entry 3rd February 'A New Kerb Stone Edge In The Tomato House' for a previous example of the gardeners use of reclaimed/recycled materials, these kerb stones had been stored in the nursery for about 10 years before a use for them was found!

Removed last week Ady, Graham and Callum spent yesterday painting the reclaimed trellis with Sadolin Ebony Wood Stain.

Today the trellis was taken to one of the college's properties where it was erected, replacing the old fence that had fallen down and giving new support to climbing roses.

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