Thursday, 19 February 2015

Potting Up Pelargonium

The 130 Pelargonium cuttings taken last September and potted up in to their own individual pots at the end of October are now ready for the next size pot, moving up from the smaller 9x9x10cm to the larger 12x12x12cm. These plants will remain in the new pots until they are planted out in to the gardens in June.  

In addition to the pelargonium grown from cuttings, an order of 84 plug plants, Pelargonium crispum 'Angeleyes Randy' were received from Ball Colegrave (the UK's leading wholesale distributor of seeds and plants to commercial growers and local authorities). Each plug plant was potted up in to the small pots but it will be a while before they are ready for their final move to the larger pot, end of April possibly. The clusters of white edged, burgundy flowers will be seen in the various pots and planters, and in the border at the bottom of the quad this summer.

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