Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cyclamen coum

The Broadwalk

To add more colour to the gardens for remaining week of the winter over 80 Cyclamen coum have been planted, particularly in the border on The Broadwalk and beneath the old ash tree beside the lake. Pink and Magenta flowers are now mixing with the snowdrops complementing their white flowers. Ideal for naturalising, these coum will, one day, create a carpet of soft pastel colour as they spread, brightening up the dreariest of future winter days.

The Old Ash Tree Beside The Lake


  1. It looks very attractive with the moss. In a year or two the coum will be a fabulous carpet

    1. Roger, the pigeons are enjoying them too, pecking the flowers off! If they leave a few flowers that produce seed we may get a carpet of colour one day. Ali