Friday, 27 February 2015

Reducing The Height Of The Portuguese Laurel Hedge

Before (Provost's Garden View)

The Portuguese laurel hedge, Prunus Lusitanica, at the bottom of the Provost's rose garden has not been pruned for several years so, before the birds start to build their nests in it, the decision was made to cut it down to the level of the top of the wall which stands behind it. The task to remove 5-6 feet from the top was started yesterday

Before (Secret Garden View)

A tall ladder was placed inside the hedge and the top cut off using a very sharp Silky Gomtaro straight blade handsaw. The cut branches were dragged over the wall from the secret garden, which overlooks the rose garden, and taken down the steps to the truck for transportation to the wood chipper.

By the end of the day the team had almost finished reducing the top of the hedge, had finished reducing its depth by a foot and managed to trim it with the long reach hedge cutter to remove any uneven edges from its side.

Today the remainder of the top was cut off and the thick ivy removed from the secret garden wall, opening up the views across the quad to the front of the college that had been hidden for so many years.

After (Secret Garden View)

After (Provost's Garden View)

View from the quad's top terrace

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