Tuesday, 3 February 2015

A New Kerb Stone Edge In The Tomato House

With the paths and steps all cleared of snow and salted around the college, Danny and Kieron moved inside to the tomato house. During the summer the daily watering of the tomato plants causes a flood of soil from the borders on to the path so to stop this a new stone edge had been planned. With the grounds covered in snow, today was the perfect day to do this.

A trench was dug out along the path, broken kerb stones placed in the trench as a bedding and a string line fixed in place as a guide for the level. Concrete kerb stones were carefully placed along the edge of the path in the trench and mortar, 4 parts builders sand to one part cement, used as a haunching to hold them in place. Due to the freezing weather conditions outside the tomato house, a frost proof, quick set additive was also added to the mortar mix. By the end of a cold day a new stone edging was set in place, goodbye to the wet, muddy path of the past.

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