Thursday, 26 February 2015

Goosanders, Just Passing Through

Goosander pair, male (L) female (R)

The Goosander have returned to the lake again this year, not in the large groups seen last year but predominantly in pairs. Always expected to arrive in mid February they did not disappoint, here are the recorded 2015 sightings:
10th February - 1 male/1 female (pair)
16th February - 1 male/1 female (pair)
18th February - 1 male
23rd February - 2 male/1 female
24th February - 1 male/1 female (pair), joined by 1 female

Additional date
9th March - 1 male/1female (pair)

For the previous years recorded sightings, see blog entry 7th February 2014 'Goosander's Arrival 2014'.

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