Monday, 15 September 2014

Grass Seed and Horticultural Fleece

Joss and Danny spent the day working together on the banks. Their first task was to scatter a Preseed fertiliser over the soil which will provide essential nutrients for the germinating Perennial Rye Grass seed that they scattered over the fertiliser. A large board was held at the bottom and the top of the banks to prevent the seed from landing on the paths.

Once sown, horticultural fleece was carefully laid over the seed to help create the perfect conditions for it to germinate and protect it from hungry birds.

Friday, 12 September 2014

Cuttings 2014

The overnight and morning temperatures have dropped so it is time to start taking cuttings from the tender plants out in the gardens. Ali collected the first few pieces from some of the plants yesterday, a few pelargonium, salvia and plectranthus to start with. This will continue next week until the mist unit is filled.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Aerating And Overseeding The Quad Lawn

Now that all the thatch has been removed from the quad lawn, Joss spent a few hours this morning aerating it with the 'Groundsman Turf Aerator', plunging tines into the ground to make holes in the turf allowing air, nutrients and water to reach the roots. 

After he had finished the aerating Joss covered the bald patches, created by the scarifying, with top soil which were then overseeded with grass seed. An autumn/winter feed will be applied tomorrow.

A New Metal Edge And A Stone Filled Gully

Whilst the quad was being scarified Kieron and Callum continued to put in the new metal edge along the back of the banks to support the soil.

Once they had finished the new, wider gully, that had been created behind the metal, was filled with the decorative stone, Golden Flint. The soil on the banks will be levelled and raked tomorrow in preparation for the reseeding next week.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Scarifying Of The Quad Is Complete

The final cutting height of 12mm has been achieved, a reduction of 9mm since the scarification started on Monday. The amount of thatch being removed from the turf has slowed so, by the end of the day, the scarification of the quad lawn is complete.

The Quad Lawn 6th June 2014 (Before)

The Quad Lawn 10th September 2014 (After)

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The Scarifying Of The Quad Lawn Continues

Joss and Simon returned to the quad to continue scarifying it. The tonne bags, strategically placed around the quad, were filled up rapidly all day with the huge amount of thatch and grass cuttings being expelled by the mowers.

Ali spent the day loading the heavy bags into the trailer, transporting them to the compost area and unloading them, creating a huge pile of grass.

The scarifying will continue tomorrow, and the pile of grass will get larger and larger!

Monday, 8 September 2014

The Scarifying Of The Quad Lawn Begins

The project of replacing the grass on the banks in well under way with the new metal edging now being put in place. Whilst this continues on around them, Joss and Simon begin the task of scarifying the quad lawn and will continue to work on the grass over the next few days.

Last scarified in 2011, see blog entries for August 'Two Men, Two Mowers', 'What Has Happened To The Lawn?' and 'Very Brown', Simon uses the Dennis mower with the scarifying cartridge installed, riping out the thatch that has built up over the last three years. Following a few rows behind him, Joss, using the Alllet mover, cuts the grass that has been raised by the scarifying, cutting at a height of 21mm (this height will steadily be reduced over the next few days to a planned 12-13mm). The duo will return tomorrow to continue the scarification.