Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Four Days Of Splitting Logs

Thursday and Friday's Split Logs

Thursday, Friday, Monday and Tuesday, for the last four days two members of the team have been located at the top end of the college grounds, by the sports field, splitting logs. Six trees of Cedar, Ash, Chestnut and Cherry have been felled to make way for the construction of the new sports pitches leaving a large amount of timber needing to be split. (All the tress have been felled with authorisation from the councils Tree Officer). On Thursday and Friday it was Danny and Callum who split the logs replaced by Simon and Ali on Monday, Danny replaced Simon today.

Demolition Site

Chainsaw Required

The more awkward and larger pieces of timber required the help of a chainsaw to cut them to smaller pieces before the axe could be used on Monday. 

Simon Wielding The Axe

The Result Of Three Days Of Log Splitting
 By the end of the third day two large piles had been split and will be allowed to dry out, Seasoned, before they will be used as firewood to fuel the fires in the Provost's Lodgings and the main hall of the college. The pile has been covered with a tarpaulin to prevent it reabsorbing moisture, a more permanent roof will be erected in the coming weeks. (Seasoning is the process of reducing the moisture content sufficiently to make it suitable for the use as fuel. Felling trees during the winter, when the sap and moisture content within the wood is at its lowest, means that the wood will dry out faster and can be used as firewood a a lot sooner.)

Danny The Axeman

Today Danny and Ali worked together to split the third pile of timber, four trailers filled with split wood taken to the Provost's wood store.

Split logs being dried out, Seasoned

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