Monday, 31 October 2016

September's Cuttings Have Rooted

Rooted Cuttings

Nearly 700 cuttings were taken during September and many have begun to show signs that they have rooted successfully, some quicker than others, the fastest growing were removed from the mist unit a few weeks ago. 

Plectranthus argentatus 'Silver Shield'

Over the last few days the best of the rooted cuttings have been carefully removed from their pots, 5-10 cuttings in each pot depending on the size of cutting material, and gently teased apart to separate them.

Salvia cacaliifolia

Each tiny plant was potted up in to their own individual pot, placed in rows on the staging and watered in. As they outgrow these small pots they will be repotted in to the next size and, as in previous years, will be repotted for one final time before they are moved out of the heated greenhouse to the unheated greenhouse for hardening off, a process for acclimatising the young plants for the outdoors before they are planted out in the gardens next summer.   

Cuttings On The Staging

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