Thursday, 13 October 2016

From Pastels To Blue Diamonds

28th July 2016

The 'border in the corner' had its display changed for the winter yesterday, today it was the turn of the border in the quad to have its change. Planted back at the end of May, see blog entry 25th May 2016 'All Change At The Far End Of The Quad it has put on a subtle display of pastel colours throughout the summer months but within the display a number of the annual plants are fading fast adding an unsightly touch of brown amongst the pastels. 

28th July 2016

22nd August 2016

Clearing Out The Summer Display

The digging out of the summer display began a few days ago with the annual plants which were taken to the compost heap. The perennial plants were then cut down, weeds removed, a mulch of leaf mould added, forked in and levelled ready for planting. 

Clearing The Next Section

Ready For Planting

Today the team came together to plant up the border with wallflowers and tulips. The 220 wallflower, this year's chosen colour 'Sunset Purple', were placed out in to position and planted.

220 Wallflower 'Sunset Purple'

In Position And Ready For Planting

Planting The Wallflowers

Once all the wallflowers had been planted the tulips, 250 Tulipa 'Blue Diamond' were planted amongst them. New to the college gardens this tulip is a large double, late flowered variety, bluish-purple in colour, which will, hopefully, add a bit of 'sparkle' to the quad in May next year. 

250 Tulip 'Blue Diamond'

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