Friday, 14 October 2016

Additional Bulb Planting For The Meadow

Fritillaria, Tulips, Allium and Camassia

Last October twelve hundred bulbs were planted in a newly created meadow at the far end of the Provot's garden, see blog entry for 14th October '600 Tulips, 500 Allium and 100 Camassia'. Seven months later and these bulbs were putting on quite a display, see blog entry for the 9th August 'Five Months In The Life Of The New Wildflower Meadow'. However, not content with this display, more bulbs were planted today in the hope of making a more spectacular display next Spring. 
Bulbs Ready For Planting

The additional bulb planting for the meadow are: 500 Fritillaria meleagris (Snakeshead Fritillary), 200 Tulip 'Havran', 100 Allium christophii, 100 Allium hollandicum 'Purple Sensation' and 40 Camassia leichtinii 'Caerulea'.

Two cuts

For the planting of the larger bulbs, tulips, allium and camassia, spades were used. Cutting through the grass, twice for a triangle, three times for a square, the turf is carefully peeled/folded back along the uncut side. (The small fritillary were planted using a bulb planter).

Peeled/Folded Back Along The Uncut Side

Digging out the soil the bulbs are placed at the bottom of the hole and the soil put back in to the hole over the bulbs.

Bulbs In To The Hole

Soil Placed Back In To The Hole

Folded Back In To Position

The turf is folded back in to position and firmed in, the cuts can hardly be seen and the turf will knit back together over the next few weeks. Now the team just have to wait until May 2017 to see this new additional planting in full bloom.

Folded Back And Firmed In

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