Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Pyramids And Lollipops

Oak Containers Winter 2015/2016 Display

26th May 2016 Oak Containers At The Start Of Summer

14th September 2016 Oak Containers At The End Of Summer

From 'Pelargonium Aplenty' on the 26th May to today's planting of the evergreens, the summer display has been removed from the oak containers in the Besse Courtyard and replaced with the winter evergreen display of pyramids and lollipops.

Pelargonium Aplenty

Removing The Summer Display

Lots of cuttings have already been taken from the many pelargonium that made up this years summer display so, apart from one of each variety that have returned to the greenhouse as stock plants, all the rest have been removed and taken to the compost heap. The black succulents, Aeonium arboreum Schwarzkopf' were also taken to the greenhouse for winter storage.

All Change


Once the oak containers had been emptied of plants the soil was forked through to remove old roots and leaf debris, checked for vine weevil grubs, then topped up with fresh multipurpose compost ready for planting.

Evergreens Stored In The Heeling In Area Since May

The plants that will create this year's winter display have been in storage in the heeling in area since they were removed in May and have been waiting patiently for their return appearance. The bay pyramids and lollipops, New Zealand Flax, Vibernum and black grass were dug up and taken to the courtyard for the display to be created.

Planting Up The Containers

This winter the seven containers will remain in a cluster in the centre of the courtyard, different from last year's display when only five were used in a line, see first photograph above.  

Pyramid And Lollipops

In addition to the evergreens and foliage plants 100 Tulips 'White Marvel' and a dozen Wallflower 'Sunset Primrose' have been planted to add a splash of colour in May next year.

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