Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Brushing The Lawn

It might look a odd thing to do, brushing a lawn with a giant sized brush, but at this time of year this will be a regularly morning sight on the quad lawn. The brushing of the lawn at this time of year is to remove the heavy dews that settle on it which, if left, could cause the build up of fusarium patch disease, removing the dew is a preventative measure. The spores of the fusarium fungus, Microchium Nivale, are always present within the turf and during optimal conditions, short days, cloudy skies, dewy mornings, above average daytime temperatures and no air movement (all present in a typical October day) they become very active resulting in brown patches and mould on the lawn, hence the reason for brushing the lawn to remove one of the conditions that the team can have an influence on!  

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