Wednesday, 12 October 2016

From Venice To Madrid

22nd August 2016

The 'border in the corner' has been putting on a very colourful display over the summer peaking late August to mid September. Planted up at the end of May, see blog entry for the 27th 'New To The Corner Decorative, Pom-Pom, Ball and Semi-Cactus Dahlia' the plants have matured well and the colour palette is everything the team had hoped for when initially choosing the mix of plants. (For the planting list see the same blog entry as above).

A Seat Amongst The Flowers

Dahlia 'Jescot Julie'

The Dahlia, the Venetian Collection by Sarah Raven, has filled the corner with a mix of purple, plum, orange, crimson-red, velvet-red and magenta which have been complimented well by the vivid orange flowers of Zinnia elegans 'Super Yoga Orange', the deep red crimson tall spires of Amaranthus tricolor 'Red Army' and the mass of tiny orange flowers of Tagetes tenuifolia 'Paprika'.

Dahlia 'Jowey Mirella' and Zinna 'Super Yoga Orange'

Dahlia 'Downham Royal'

Dahlia 'Ambition'

Dahlia 'New Baby'

Dahlia 'Sam Hopkins'

10th October 2016

Although the Dahlia are still flowering well the border is starting to look tired and the strong colours have faded leading to the decision to clear it all out and plant it up with the winter/spring display.

Lifted Dahlia Tubers

On Monday all the annual plants, grown from seed, were dug out and taken to the compost heap. The dahlia tubers were lifted and taken to the greenhouse for drying out before being put in to trays of dry compost for winter storage.

Drying Out The Dahlia Tubers

Cleared And Ready For Planting

Once all debris and weeds had been removed the border was prepared for planting. A layer of organic matter, leaf mould, was added to the soil, forked through to mix it in, levelled and then given the 'treading' treatment to remove any air pockets that were created from the forking through, the area was then given a final levelling.

Just Started Planting

Yesterday the wallflowers were brought over from the cold frames, placed out and the planting started. 

Planting 406 Wallflowers

Today the planting continued, a mix of wallflower 'Sunset Yellow' and 'Sunset Orange', 406 in total along with 200 tulip bulbs, 100 'Westpoint' and 100 'Ballerina', yellow and orange respectively. 

200 Tulip Bulbs To Be Planted

Planting Tulips

The inspiration for this winter/spring display come from a holiday back in April by Ali to Madrid and a visit to the Royal Palace of Madrid. The formal beds in front of the palace were filled with yellow and orange large headed pansies, inter planted by narcissi (Daffodil) with yellow outer petals, orange centres. Replacing the pansies with wallflowers and narcissi with tulips it is hoped that, in May 2017, a small piece of Madrid will be found in a corner of Worcester College.

Inspiration, Madrid April 2016
Wallflowers And Tulips Planted

A Small Piece Of Madrid In Worcester College

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