Thursday, 6 October 2016

Applying Controlled Release Fertilizer

Everris Proturf

Applying The Feritizer

The autumn lawn maintenance has begun in earnest. The large lawn in the Provost's garden has already been scarified and the quad lawn was verticut and aerated on Monday, from the blog entry 30th March 2015 'Verticutting and Aerating' here is a brief explanation of both processes used on the quad;
" The process of verticutting is less harsh than scarification, penetrating the top layer of turf removing dead grass on the surface rather than reaching deep in to the thatch layer. The aerating makes holes in the turf enabling water and air to reach the roots of the grass".
This morning Joss, using a broadcast spreader, applied a granular, controlled release fertilizer to the lawn, 'Everris Proturf', in order to promote growth, and improve the health and colour of the grass. The granules are tipped in to the hopper of the spreader and then pushed across the quad lawn to broadcast it over the grass at the appropriate application rate. Once the entire area has had fertilizer applied to it, and with no rain forecast, the portable, full/part circle impact sprinklers are set up to water the granules in. 

Fertilizer Being Broadcast From Spreader

Fertilizer On The Lawn

Watering In

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