Thursday, 27 March 2014

The First Egg Laid (2014)

The first egg has been laid by the pen, female swan, which is six weeks earlier than last year, see blog entry 3rd May 2013 'The First Egg Laid'. Let's hope that this is the year that cygnets are finally seen on the lake, the staff will be watching and hoping.


  1. Some moorhen chicks have already hatched and are running around the island- I think I counted 5 yesterday. The Canada geese were extremely aggressive towards the light brown/beige duck when she was near the bird house- I wonder if they have eggs in there?

    1. Hi Lewis. I have also seen the Canada Geese chasing the brown/beige duck, nearly drowned it on Monday morning after they had chased it in to the water, they both seem to have eggs near or in the duck house. Five eggs seen on the swan nest this morning, have yet to see the moorhen chicks. Thanks for your comment, Ali.