Monday, 17 March 2014

Sweet Peas And A Mouse Or Two!

The sweet peas that will be planted out in the cut flower bed in May were sown today. This year's varieties are from 'Thompson & Morgan':
  • Sweet Pea 'Anniversary', sweet scented, pink blooms with darker pink margins.
  • Sweet Pea 'Juliet', citrus scented, creamy bloom with a hint of apricot.
  • Sweet Pea 'Apple Blossom', sweet scented, ruffled, blush pink petals.

Following last weeks discovery of mouse droppings, disturbed flower pots and eaten seeds, a humane mouse trap was put in the mist unit capturing two mice over the weekend which were released far away from the greenhouse. The trap has now been refilled with tempting goodies to entice any of their friends, glass placed over the pots to protect the seed, as well as helping their germination and, hopefully, they were the last of the mice that will visit the mist unit. 

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