Monday, 17 March 2014

Azara microphylla

The scent of Azara microphylla, Box Leaf Azara, is filling a corner of the college gardens. If you have visited the gardens in the last week and wondered why you have a sudden craving for chocolate, vanilla ice cream, custard or even a vanilla latte this shrub is the reason why. This large evergreen shrub has clusters of small, yellow, highly fragrant flowers that waft the aroma of vanilla stimulating these cravings.


  1. I lost my Azara microphylla in 2010 Winter! I had a variegated one that survived. I have just got round to ordering a new one green one , it is a lovely plant from Burncoose nurseries. Great how you can get unusual plants on the net

    1. Hi Roger, the Azara is a worthy addition to the college gardens, it is quite a large shrub in a sheltered position. We also use the internet to aquire plants that we see at shows, in gardens or magazines that we feel will look good in the gardens. Regards Ali