Thursday, 13 March 2014

Resurfacing The Leaf Pit Path

Ten tonnes of hoggin arrived today to begin the project to put a new surface on the path that runs from the leaf pit at the top of the sports field to the sports pavilion, approx 250 meters.

The length of the path is split into sections, the first part to be resurfaced is from the leaf pit to the gated exit to the Canal Building. The old surface is broken up using the grab attachment fixed to the New Holland tractor, once completed the grab is replaced with the bucket loader attachment.

Using the bucket loader the hoggin is then loaded into the trailer and transported to the path where it is tipped ready for levelling.

Using a landscape rake the hoggin is raked to form a slight camber, a raised center which sheds water to each side. Once all ten tonnes have been levelled the hoggin is compacted using a wacker plate. The first part is complete, the next, and longest part of the path is scheduled to be done next Tuesday with the delivery of twenty tonnes of hoggin and a small dumper truck.   

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