Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Lifting, Splitting And Transplanting Winter Aconites

Having spent the morning mulching the ornamantal grass borders of the Canal Building, Ali and Graham moved back into the main garden to lift, split and transplant some Eranthis hyemalis (winter aconites).

The carpet of bright yellow, buttercup-like flowers have faded so now is the best time to move them, 'in the green'. Being careful not to trample on the crocus and daffodils that are flowering amongst the faded blooms, they carefully lift clumps of winter aconites using a fork. Each clump is then gently pried apart to form smaller clumps and then transplanted to extend the area, as there was no rain forecast they had to be watered in, something that would have seemed inconceivable a few days ago following the wettest winter on record!

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