Wednesday, 26 March 2014

'Pruning With Confidence'

Ali spent the day attending the 'Pruning With Confidence' course at the Garden School of Coton Manor Gardens, Northamptonshire. With so many differant plants in the college gardens pruning is a regular, essential task undertaken throughout the year, the day of training and education was very informative and inspirational.  The course:

"In everyone's garden, large or small, pruning is an essential task each year if you want healthy, flourishing and re-invigorated plants to retain their optimum shape and flower abundantly. Brian Davis will explain both the theory and practical aspects of pruning and banish any notion that this is a dry, academic subject – you will be both informed and entertained during this full day course. A considerable part of the day is spent in the garden demonstrating pruning techniques on many of the mature shrubs at Coton."

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