Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Canada Goose Proof Fence

The Canada geese have begun wandering into the Provost's garden, emerging from the lake through the marginal planting onto the lush grass. To try and restrict their movement Ali and Callum spent the morning building a temporary fence to try and stop them, it will be removed in January when the marginals need strimming down, see blog entry 9th January 2014 'A Busy Day Working By The Weir'

A dozen wooden posts were hammered into place, two holes drilled into each post fifteen centimetres below each other, galvanised wire was then fed through the holes along the full length of the marginal planting. "But they will fly over the fence" I hear you saying, these geese are lazy and, as proved with last year's fence, if they can't walk from the lake to the grass, they wont fly over it, it's too much bother!

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