Monday, 20 January 2014

Mulching The Rose Garden

Ady, Graham, Callum and Ali spent the day working in the Provost's rose garden mulching the rose beds. A month ago, 16th and 17th December, the roses were pruned and 200 additional tulips were planted, but due to the Christmas break and wet weather, the mulching has had to wait.

Due to the slippery conditions around the leaf mould pit, today's mulching had to be done by hand. The trailers are usually loaded using a tractor with front loader attachment, but the tyres were unable to get a safe grip on the ground around the pit so had to be loaded by the good, old fashioned method of forks, spades and manpower. Ady and Graham loaded the trailers up with leaf mould and Callum unloaded it into wheelbarrows for Ali to tip and spread on to the rose beds. A great achievement to complete all the rose beds in one day.


  1. My husband is billy Adamson, Paul Adamsons son, who designed your rose garden and who's memory it is in. We live in suffolk but I'm in Oxford this weekend and hope to come and visit, its been sometime.

    1. Hello Christine, thank you for your comment it was lovely to read it. Hope you enjoy your visit to Oxford and the college this weekend. Best Regards from The Gardening Team