Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Busy Day Working By The Weir

There are a number of jobs that need to be done by the weir; the marginal planting needs to be cut down; an overhanging tree covered in ivy needs to be cut down and the bridge needs to be power washed to remove the moss and algae. Ali and Graham worked together at the water's edge, taking out a small wire fence by the marginal planting before cutting them down with the long reach hedge cutter.

Simon, Ady and Callum worked together to remove the ivy covered tree that was leaning, precariously, over the weir.

They tied a rope to the tree to secure the trunk, and control its fall, as Simon cut it down with the chainsaw.

Once down, it was cut up into smaller pieces, taken across the weir and transported to the chipper ready for chipping later in the day.

The last job of the day by the weir was to power wash the bridge, which had become very slippery since it was last cleaned 18 months ago, see blog entry 13th June 2012 'Preparing For The Encaenia 2012'.

By the end of a busy day by the weir, the team were treated to a visit by the swans that had just arrived on the lake. This time last year, 11th January to be exact, the swans arrived on the lake, the same pair possibly, the lake may well be their mating territory, see blog entry 'To Enhance The Winter Reflection'. If they are, it is their third year, always arriving in early January. In their first year they mated, started building a nest, then left and then last year they mated, built a nest, laid eggs but left after they failed to hatch. This year, hopefully, their 3rd and our 300th, they will go one step further and successfully hatch eggs and cygnets will be seen on the lake.   

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