Thursday, 30 January 2014

Helping Our Feathered Friends

Ali and Simon spent a few hours today helping our feathered friends by repairing old nest boxes and putting up new ones. The four boxes located in trees along the canal side path, put up in August 2012, needed to have metal plates put on the front to protect the area around the entrance hole from predators such as woodpeckers. Last year one of the boxes was continually attacked, the entrance hole enlarged and the young removed, see blog entry 31st May 2013 'Nest Box Update', hence the reason for the metal plates.

Once the four boxes were put back up in the trees, four new boxes were put in place around the grounds. Three of the boxes have been bought and are made from Birch logs, the other made from a spare decking board. This brings the total number of nest boxes around the college grounds to nine with more being over the coming weeks.

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