Friday, 10 January 2014

Fighting Back The Spread Of A Vigorous, Spreading Reed

When cutting back the marginal plants yesterday, Ali and Graham noticed that the reed had spread away from the water's edge and begun spreading into the border. Unable to dig it out, due to the black, weed suppressing membrane covering the border, they had to remove the membrane first. Not an easy task as it was covered in soil with a layer of tangled, spreading reed growth above and below it.

First they removed some of the soil so the membrane could be cut into manageable pieces. Each piece then had to be dug out, not an easy task as the reed had created a thick matting through the membrane. After a day of digging, cutting, chopping, ripping and pulling, the reed had been removed and a fresh layer of bark placed on the border. The reed is still growing at the water's edge, but as it spreads back into the border it can be easily dug out and contained.

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  1. psst, glyphosate is very effective against reeds, you need not have sprayed it into the water if you were careful. You could have done it six weeks ago when the reeds were still green