Monday, 27 January 2014

Gravelling A Dingy Corner

The team have spent the day trying to brighten up one of the dingiest corners of the college, an area at the back of the Linbury Building.  

The tall weeds had been removed a few weeks ago leaving a layer of dirty gravel which needed replacing. The easiest option would have been to cover the area with new, clean gravel, but the levels would have been too high so the top few inches had to be removed. 

Once the level had been reduced the new gravel was barrowed round from the front of the building, then shovelled into trugs, carried to the dingy corner, poured onto the cleared surface and raked level.

Once the corner had been finished, a new step was built to improve access for the future maintenance of the area. Part two of the project will begin later in the week once a delivery of weed suppressing membrane has been received from the suppliers, the plan is to cover the adjacent area in the membrane and cover it with gravel creating a low maintenance garden.

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