Friday, 17 January 2014

Compost Storage Alterations

The compost storage area has been causing the team some problems when moving the heavy bags to and from the bay. The bags usually fill the entire bay behind boards at the front, the only way of reaching the bags, especially at the back, is to clamber over the bags and drag the bags out, a manual handling nightmare.

On the 7th January, Simon and Ali redesigned the bay making the bags more accessible by changing the frontage and creating a path through the middle. First the retaining boards from the front, and the rotten floor board from the base, were removed, then a hole two foot deep dug out.

Next the cement was mixed with water and an aggregate to make the concrete, which was then poured into the hole around a slotted concrete fence post, checking the post remained straight as the concrete was poured.

The old boards from the front of the bay were then cut to fit the new, reduced size frontage and a new board, cut to fit, was placed on the floor.

Having allowed the new floor board to dry over the last week, it was slightly wet when brought in from outside, the remaining bags of compost have been moved back into the bay today. The result, and as planned, a modified compost bay with a walk way allowing safe access, a great result for safer manual handling.

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