Friday, 3 January 2014

Fishing For Willow

Refreshed from their two week festive break, the team have spent two days clearing the gardens of all the tree debris that has fallen whilst they have been away. One such piece, and the largest they had to deal with, was a branch that had snapped off from one of the weeping willow trees that overhangs the lake.

Using a piece of rope with a hook on the end, the makeshift fishing line is cast into the lake in the hope that it catches a piece of willow and not a fish. Successfully caught on the second cast, the catch is reeled in to the bank, no catch and release for this one!

Once on dry land, the branch is cut up and taken to the chipping pile for chipping at a later date.

Not happy with just fishing for willow, they also had to go fishing for a wooden memorial bench that was floating in the lake, first casting caught this one though!

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