Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Something Green In The Tank


The question visitors ask the team most often in relation to the front quad lawn is "How do you get the grass so green?" Watching Joss today applying a green coloured liquid to the grass, some may have thought that it is sprayed green! Along with the usual 'Go Green Plus' and 'P-Kursor' a new product was added to the spray tank, 'Vision Pro'.
According to the blurb accompanying this new product, "the revolutionary pigment technology in Vision Pro increases soil and surface temperatures and creates a more desirable microclimate for growth. It increases the plants photosynthesis rate and also the plants metabolism in periods of slow growth. Applying Vision Pro in the autumn, winter and spring increases radiation absorbance and decreases reflectance meaning increased photosynthesis. The UV resistant formulation allows the product to last for up to 6 - 8 weeks in periods of slow growth." Hence, more photosynthesis equals greener grass, no grass painting required!

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