Wednesday, 27 March 2013

From Decking To Shingle


Following an afternoon of education at the Oxford Botanic Gardens yesterday, Kieron, Ali, Graham and Anna returned to the project they started in the morning. With all the rotten wood removed to the skip, the area was raked level in preparation for the next step, shingle.

The first sheet of weed suppressing membrane was laid in the far corner and the first three wheelbarrow loads of, what would eventually be, a few tonnes of shingle spread on top. Whilst the corner was being worked on, Kieron removed a layer of bricks from around the drain to drop its height, resetting the frame and replacing the cover.

Two further lengths of membrane were then laid over the soil and pegged down using biodegradable turf pegs.

The rest of the shingle was then spread over the membrane to create a new, low maintenance area of shingle, an amazing transformation in just two mornings!

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