Monday, 11 March 2013

A New Yew Hedge

In a very cold, easterly wind the team spent the day planting 50 Yew to form a new hedge in the Provost's garden. Today they were joined by two volunteers, Sophie, volunteering on Mondays, and Anna from Germany, volunteering in the gardens for the next three weeks.  

A trench was dug, leaf mould added and forked into the bottom. The yews were then placed into the trench making sure there were enough plants before planting. (The wind was so strong it blew them all over before the planting even got started). Planting each yew carefully, trying to keep them straight, was a difficult task, Mother Nature was having such fun blowing them over before they could be anchored by the soil.  

Not happy with just freezing gusts of wind, Mother Nature then decided to spice it up for the gardeners by adding snow to the wind! By the end of the day, despite her best efforts to stop a new hedge from being planted, the team left the garden undefeated.