Monday, 25 March 2013

Hazel Binders And Shingle

The team returned to the Broadwalk this morning, not just to complete the weaving of the new hazel binders, but to add a top dressing of 10 tonnes of shingle to the path. Once again the New Holland tractor with the grab attachment was used to break up the compacted path before the shingle was spread on it. It was only three years ago that 11 tonnes of shingle was added to the Broadwalk as a top dressing, see blog entry '11 Tonnes Of Shingle', 10th February 2010, where does it all go?

By the end of the day the weaving was complete with a new, clean shingle path in front of it, only the far end of the Broadwalk still needs new shingle, another 3 to 4 tonnes are due to be delivered on Wednesday.

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