Friday, 15 March 2013

A Winter Border In The Provost's Garden

Ali and Anna return to the new border in the Provost's garden to remove a number of shrubs that are blocking the view to the lake and the bridge. Planting has already begun in the new, winter themed border, Cornus alba 'Sibirica Variegata', Hellebore and Primula.

Joined by Crystal, and with help from Simon, three Viburnum opulus and a rather large Laurel, that had to be reduced in size before its removal, are dug up and transferred to another area in the gardens and replanted.

Ali and the replanted Laurel

Cyclamen Coum

With the hard work of digging up and replanting of shrubs completed, the afternoon was spent adding soil and leaf mould to the large holes created in the morning and the less strenuous task of planting Cyclamen coum.

Four days after the team gathered in the Provost's garden and started to remove the old stone edging in front of a tired, old border, the picture below shows a new, fresh, winter border with views of the lake and the bridge.

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