Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Old Fashioned Roses

Having completed the pruning of all the climbers and fruit trees the team turn their attention to the last of the plants that require pruning, the roses in the Provost's rose garden.
The rose garden restoration project was started in late summer of 2006 and completed by spring of 2007. Many different types of old fashioned roses were planted, Alba, Moss, Gallica, Damask, Bourbon, Rugosa, Hybrid Perpetual and China, all requiring slightly different methods of pruning. During the first few years, using notes taken to assist the pruning, the team used to take a number of days to complete the task, now it takes just a day.

With the pruning completed in record time, practice makes perfect, the team returned today to feed the roses with the granular feed, Growmore, and edge, weed and mulch the rose beds.

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