Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Border Clearance And Preparation

Ady and Callum start the day working on a border at the front of the Linbury Building removing the old shrubs that have out grown the small area.

Once removed the area is raked through to clear away all the leaf debris ready for it to be forked through.

With Callum at college in the afternoon, Ady is joined by Ali, Kieron, Graham and Anna to continue the work on the border. Forking it through they carefully remove all the old roots left in the soil from the removed shrubs.

To improve the soil and prepare it for planting they single dig the area. Starting at the back of the border Ady and Kieron dig a trench to a spades depth, known as a 'spit'.

Graham fills the wheelbarrows with leaf mould for Anna and Ali to transport from the truck to the trenches.

The first trench is filled with leaf mould then, working from the back to the front, another trench is dug, placing the soil from the newer trench on to the previous trench, continuing the process until the whole area has been dug. The levelling will take place tomorrow.

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