Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Very Brown

After having a break from scarifying, thanks to the August Bank Holiday, Joss has spent yesterday and today back on the main quad lawn. Truck loads of thatch have been taken down to the compost heaps as the height of the scarifying blades are continually lowered.
By the end of the day, Joss has finished scarifying and will, over the next two days, aerate, seed and feed the lawn with an autumn winter fertiliser.


  1. hi. what seed do you use on the main lawn?

    1. Hello Robert, thank you for your comment. The lawn was completely reseeded about ten years ago when the old turf was removed. The seed mix used was a mix of Browntop Bent and Fescues, No Ryegrass. This mix allows a low cutting height, and this lawn is not allowed to be walked on, only by Joss to maintain it. (The lawn had no seed added to it after this heavy scarification, even though it mentions seed). The lawn is spiked monthly and fed in the spring and autumn with the appropraite fertiliser, along with applications of iron and fungicides when required. I hope this helps. Best regards Ali