Thursday, 11 August 2011

Pricking Out and Calibrating

The Wallflower seeds sown on the 29th July are now ready to be pricked out into plugs trays and Callum, under Ali's guidance, pricks out 160 seedlings. With all the plug plants now received from Ball Colegrave and potted up into larger plug trays, they have all moved into the cold frames until they have grown larger and are ready to be potted up into individual pots.

Whilst Callum and Ali work in the greenhouse, Joss is recalibrating his sprayer on the quad lawn. A new selective herbicide, Trafalgar, is going to be used on the quad and as the dose rate is different from the previously used weedkiller, a trial run, using water, needs to be completed.

Once the correct amount of water to millilitre of chemical has been worked out for the area of the lawn, the correct spray nozzle needs to be chosen to allow the tank to be emptied over the entire quad. The pace at which Joss walks is also important as he doesn't want to reach the end of the lawn with some spray mix left in the tank. Having made all the adjustments to the nozzles and his walking pace, Joss is ready to spray the quad tomorrow, weather permitting.

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