Wednesday, 3 August 2011

It's Hot Up There

Three days of hot, muggy weather and the gardeners are wilting along with the flowers in the garden.
Ady, Callum and Graham have spent the last few days in The Secret Garden continuing the work started back at the beginning of March, see blog entries 'The Secret Garden' and 'Longer Than Expected'. A south facing garden, in full sun, more shrubs have have been cut back, weeds cleared, new soil added to borders and sown with grass seed to make it easier to maintain, it's hot in there.

Joss, exchanging his mower for a hedge trimmer, has been cutting one of the three hedges surrounding the car park, it's hot there too.

Having finished clearing the rubbish out from The Secret Garden, Graham joined Ali to cut back the wispy growth of the Wisteria. Now that it has finished flowering all its energy has been put into growth and has climbed up the roof of the cottages twinning up drain pipes and roof tiles, south facing and at the top of a ladder, you've guessed it, it's hot up there too!

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