Friday, 26 August 2011

What Has Happened To The Lawn?

Since the work on the lawn started, both visitors and staff have been concerned at the sudden change in the appearance of the grass. The team decided to put a notice up to explain:


As you walk through the cloisters to view the main quadrangle, you may be asking yourselves, ‘Why the lawn ahead of you is looking so brown?’
This is not due to the very dry weather we have had over the last few months, but a process called ‘Scarifying’.
Scarifying is an extremely beneficial procedure, removing the layer of dead grass and thatch that have built up over the years, allowing water and nutrients to, once again, reach the grass roots.
As we approach autumn, it is the perfect time to scarify, as it will allow sufficient time for the lawn to recover, taking advantage of the reasonably warm temperatures and increased rainfall. Once the scarifying has been finished the lawn will be over seeded and this will soon germinate.
Unfortunately, the lawn will look a bit of a mess for a few months, but will be restored to its former glory.

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