Thursday, 4 August 2011

In The Pouring Rain

After three days of heat the rain has come to cool us all down and give the plants a well needed drink.
Graham started the day in the greenhouse potting up 240 plug plants into larger plug trays, Viola 'Avalanche Yellow Golden'.

Joss put on his thick rain coat and went outside to work in the wet. He spent the morning spiking the main quad lawn, the rain providing the perfect condition to do this, but not so good for Joss.

Ali started the day with Simon, helping to choose the bubs needed for the college spring display, Tulips and Daffodils for the tubs and borders. Once the decisions had been made, Ali moved into the greenhouse to scrub down the aluminium staging frames, the wooden slatted tops and the floor. The weeds were then sprayed with a weedkiller, all that remains to be done, in the next few weeks, is the cleaning of the propagation mist unit and power washing all the glass.

Not deterred by the rain, Ady and Callum headed down to an outside property garden in desperate need of renovation. The picture above and below were taken back in May when we went to visit the garden to assess the work that would be required. As you can see, it was more like a jungle than a back garden and would require some time to bring it back to order, well today was the day to start that task.

By the end of the day an incredible amount of progress had been made, joined by Graham during the day, the overgrown tangle of shrubs and weeds had been cut down, all in the pouring rain.


  1. Love all your comments and stories. Pictures of Gardeners at work make extra special. Well done.

  2. Thank you for your support Alex, we are pleased you like our blog (The Gardening Team).