Thursday, 18 August 2011

The Mist Unit

With September fast approaching, the month we start taking cuttings, it is time to give the mist unit in the greenhouse a deep clean.
The top layer of dirty sand is removed and the water pipes lifted in order to clean them thoroughly. Ali mixes a bucket of hot water with Jeyes Fluid, rubber gloves on and armed with a scrubbing brush, begins to remove all the dirt and grime that has built up over the last twelve months.

The mist unit nozzles are removed and allowed to soak in the Jeyes Fluid mix before being washed off with clean water and replaced. (The pictures above and below show the nozzles before and after their deep clean).

The wooden surround is scrubbed until all the algae has been removed and hosed down until clean, then allowed to dry. Whilst all the pieces of the unit are drying, an inch of new sand is placed in the unit to cover the under soil heating cables. A kettle of boiling water is poured through the hose, that connects the tap to the water pipes, to remove any algae that may have built up in the hose during the hot summer.

Once all the pieces are reconnected, the mist unit is tested and is now ready for the many hundreds of cuttings that are about to be taken.

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