Friday, 4 March 2011

Longer Than Expected

After three full days The Secret Garden's restoration is almost complete. This once misshapen rose now has a new framework and wires to support it.

The borders have been weeded, forked over and realigned, shrubs pruned and leaves collected. Ivy has been cut back, removed from walls and patio stones rediscovered.

Ady returns to put the finishing touches to the garden this morning, mowing the lawn and removing the last of the weeds.


  1. Hi,
    I would really like to know what type of grass is the main quad at Worcester? ,is it fescue or browntop?, Joss makes a really wonderful job- email if you like

    Kindest regards, all the way from Christchurch New Zealand,

    Cheers, Jake

  2. Hi Jake,
    The main quad is made up of mostly Fescue and a bit of Browntop Bent, No Rye Grass! After scarifying it is overseeded with Fescue.
    Thank you for your interest in our blog and your kind comments, Joss does work extremely hard on all the lawns in the college especially the main quad lawn.
    Regards The Gardening Team

  3. Hi Gardening Team

    What type of fescue is it? Which cultivar?
    Where would i be able to buy the seed?


  4. Hi Jake,
    The fescue used is Chewings Fescue(Festuca rubra commutata).
    We have our suppliers we deal with in this country, I am sure an internet search will identify where you can obtain it.
    Thanks for your interest.