Monday, 7 March 2011

Leaky Porous Pipe

It's arrived, 100 meters of leaky, porous pipe for the herbaceous border. The old pipe was removed last autumn having several larger holes in it than it should have following numerous attacks from forks and water expansion when frozen during previous winters.

Graham, Simon, Joe and Ali work together to unroll and lay it amongst the new perennial shoots, shrubs, snowdrops and the emerging tulips. Once in place the pipe is clipped to the soil using u- shaped wire pieces, however 100 meters of pipe was not enough to cover both borders and another 50 is required to finish the job. This leaky pipe irrigation system will allow the border to be watered during dry spells allowing water to reach the roots where it is needed.

1 comment:

  1. A clean kitchen is a must! It is where we prepare and cook our food. So it is good that you replaced all the rotten pipes. Old pipes can accumulate algae and moss that are definitely unwanted in a kitchen. It can damage the wall and cause health hazards.

    @Althea Tumlin