Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Empty Space

On Monday, Ali and Graham started to plant out a number of plants that had been languishing in the coldframes for years. Once homes had been found for them in various places around the college gardens, Graham then spent Tuesday weeding all the empty frames, sweeping out all the debris and moving the small amount of plants left into one frame.
Over in the orchard the top layer of Tarmac was laid to finish the path that runs from the Ruskin Building. All that remains is for the new Yew hedge to be planted once the young plants arrive in the next few weeks.
Today, Wednesday, the team focused their attention on The Broadwalk. In amongst the beautiful Hellebores, weeds have started to appear at an alarming rate, so armed with trowels and border forks, they carefully worked their way along the border removing them before they start to set seed.

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