Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Over the Wall

Having completed the fencing in the outside site garden a few weeks ago, some of the team returned to add organic matter i.e. leaf mould, to the border. As there is no rear access, the leaf mould had to be thrown over the wall, in a controlled manner.

From a loaded trailer, Ali, Graham, Simon and Tracy formed a human chain to transfer the leaf mould, filling up trugs and pouring the contents over the wall.

Tracy and Ali dug the border using the single digging method, the digging of trenches to a spade depth known as a 'spit'.
The first trench's soil is removed and placed to one side, the trench is then filled with organic matter. Working backwards along the plot, each trenches soil is placed on top of the one in front. After the last trench is filled, the soil that was placed to one side is used to cover it. The border is then levelled, air removed by treading down, and a final levelling produces a border ready for planting.

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