Friday, 2 September 2011

In Need Of Rehydration.

Perennial broad leaved weeds and annual weeds are still actively growing around the college grounds. Much as we don't wish to use chemical weedkillers, with 26 acres of grounds to maintain, sometimes the weeds grow quicker than we can keep them under control.
With temperatures predicated of 24 degrees centigrade by lunch time, Ady and Ali start to spray the weeds in the cool morning breeze. However, after two hours of walking around the college in their chemical suits and wellington boots, carrying knapsack sprayers on the backs loaded with 10-15 litres of chemical solution, the increasing temperature is beginning to have an effect. By ten o'clock, with 95 litres of solution having been sprayed, sweating and shuffling along, they return to the tea shed for some much needed rest and rehydration.

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