Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Canal Side Path

Five weeks ago Ady and Callum started to clear and tidy the canal side path. Every week since then, with other members of the team joining them, they have spent a day, sometimes two, gradually working their way up the long path.

Over the last few years, the weeds, ivy and shrubs have done their best to take over the path, now it is our turn to reclaim it back.

Strimmers, the chainsaw, saws, loppers, secateurs and the chipper have all seen action today as the team carve their way through the undergrowth.

Despite a short downpour, when the team had to run for cover and shelter, a large part of the path was reclaimed.

The cut down woody material was chipped in situ, with the resulting wood chip pile spread over the newly strimmed areas.

The last thing to be removed, now that it was no longer hidden, was the green wire fence.

Ady and Callum will return again tomorrow, hopefully for the last time, to finish the last few yards.

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