Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Japanese Knotweed

Introduced to UK in the early 19th century, Japanese Knotweed has become one of its most invasive plants. It grows at an alarming rate, up to 10cm a day, producing dense clumps up to 10ft in height.
In one of our outside properties a clump of Knotweed has been an annual problem for a number of years. Dug out, sprayed and cut down, it continues to grow, now it is time to get the big gun out, Ali's paintbrush!
Chemical kit on, armed with her faithful paintbrush, Ali takes a walk to this dark little corner and confronts it.Dipping the brush in a mixture of Glyphosate and fairy liquid, the same mixture used on the Bindweed, she skillfully paints each leaf. Will she return next year? Will it return? Now we wait.

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